Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient form of bodywork that is based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine and was developed in the Buddhist temples of Thailand thousands of years ago. Thai Yoga Massage is a modern interpretation of this ancient practice that has been customized to meet the needs and tastes of the modern world. Increased flexibility, breath awareness and profound relaxation are common benefits associated with Thai Yoga Massage.

During a Thai Yoga Massage, the practitioner guides the recipient into various yoga postures and palms the body's musculature and energy lines in a rhythmic rocking motion. Thai Yoga Massage is truly the best of both worlds, combining the physical and meditative aspects of yoga with the relaxing elements of massage into a completely grounding and rejuvenating experience.

The patient and practitioner remain fully clothed at all times. Insurance receipts available.



Number of sessions
60 mins
90 mins
$195 ($65 per session)
$240 ($80 per session)
$250 ($50 per session)
$325 ($65 per session)




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Aran Rose Shea is a certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist registered with the RMQ. She has completed four levels of Thai Yoga Massage training as well as specialty training in Thai Style Head Massage. Much like attending one of her yoga classes, a Thai Yoga Massage with Aran will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and at peace.



Sean Christopher D'Amico is a 3HO certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and SNMQ certified Zen Shiatsu practitioner. Sean has been studying Zen Shiatsu since October 2012 and became a fully certified practitioner in July 2013. Since becoming a certified Massage therapist he has completed level 1 and 2 of Thai Yoga Massage Training at Lotus Palm Massage Therapy School in Montreal, Quebec.




"As I was new to the treatment, you made me feel very comfortable and at ease, which I really appreciated. I felt really great – emotionally and physically – the day afterwards. The feeling continued throughout the following days. I had some very nice yoga practices and simply felt lighter overall. My spine felt much more limber and I hardly experienced any back pain. I regained a more flexibility and range of motion – noticeably in the spine – in my yoga practices. This allowed me to sleep better as well. I think it will become one of my favourite “alternative” treatments so far." - JD