"The owner and instructors are awesome! Amazing people and great classes."


"Les cours sont offerts par des experts et l'ambiance est très agréable.
D'autant plus que les tarifs sont très abordables."

"I feel like I can hang out and have a great cup of Bengal Spice Tea.
Also, the studio seems to attract really nice people from the neighborhood."

"Les instructeurs sont qualifiés, et les groupes sont petits.
Le niveau est accessible pour tous,
mais quand même intéressant pour quelqu'un de plus expérimenté."

"The massages I have had have all been excellent."

"I enjoy the small, down-to-earth, non-fashion oriented atmosphere of Vidalia."

"I love that the classes are small and the prices are reasonable.
Teachers are very helpful and friendly."

"After being recruited from Cegep du Vieux Montreal I became the top NCAA punt returner in the Big Ten while playing with the Michigan State Spartans followed by two years of professional football in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and was exposed to some of the best conventional training programs and facilities available. I had no expectations when I signed up for a Kundalini Yoga class at Vidalia Yoga and experienced immediate results that temporarily relieved a smoking habit I had recently adopted. The urge to smoke was gone!"

- Ziehl Kavanaght