Zen Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese method of bodywork meaning "finger" (shi) and "pressure" (atsu). Palms, forearms, thumbs, and elbows are used to open channels in the body and activate acupuncture points. Used for both preventative and curative purposes, Shiatsu is known to effect healing on many levels.

It is believed that both physical and emotional illness arises due to blockages in and around the energy lines in the body (meridians). Shiatsu will safely and effectively unblock stagnant areas, release toxins, and correct imbalances to rejuvenate the vital organs and reactivate the body’s ability to self-regulate. By revitalizing depleted areas (Kyo) and balancing overactive tension points (Jitsu) the body breaks through old patterns and heals itself.

The patient and practitioner remain fully clothed at all times. Insurance receipts available.


Number of sessions
60 mins
90 mins
$225 ($75 per session)
$270 ($90 per session)
$300 ($60 per session)
$400 ($80 per session)



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Zen Shiatsu Montreal


Kim Nightingale Zen Shiatsu Montreal

Kim Nightingale completed her Shiatsu training in Tokyo, Japan under the care of a skillful Sensei. She has been a Zen Shiatsu practitioner and teacher for over 15 years and is certified by SNMQ to practice in Quebec.



Zen Shiatsu SNMQ

Yogi Chi
 is a 3HO certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and an SNMQ certified Zen Shiatsu practitioner since July 2013.






"Wow, after your session yesterday my body felt so much less stiff and tired and seized up. Remarkable, it seemed as though there was less pull from the earth's gravity as I walked home. After lunch, feeling wiped out, I lay down for a 5-10 min. nap. Instead I went into a deep sleep for several hrs., which never happens for me mid day. I needed that. It was an excellent shiatsu massage you did, great work!" - GC