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Reiki is an ancient Japanese energetic therapy intended to help heal physical and emotional pain through the transmission of ''Vital Energy''. This transmission is accomplished when a trained Reiki practitioner places their hands gently on or above the recipient's body. Reiki is used to release stress, pain and emotional tensions. It stimulates and balances the immune system and the energies of the body. Receiving a Reiki treatment is a pure, peaceful experience in which the recipient feels as though they are wrapped in Unconditional Love.

The patient and practitioner remain fully clothed at all times. Insurance receipts available.



Number of sessions
60 mins
90 mins
$225 ($75 per session)
$270 ($90 per session)
$300 ($60 per session)
$400 ($80 per session)




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Reiki Montreal


Kim Nightingale SNMQ Reiki Montreal

Kim Nightingale was first introduced to Reiki when a family member purchased and gifted to her a comprehensive Reiki course. Soon after, Kim began to practice Reiki on a daily basis. Once introduced to Kriya Yoga meditation, Kim continued to explore methods of harnessing and channeling light and love. Her approach to healing is to lift the veil on all areas of life and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Jillian Barnes Reiki Montreal

Jillian Barnes found Reiki energy to be a gentle healing method which she wanted to share with others after receiving Reiki from her Reiki Master Maddalena Gonzo, and was certified in 2013. Her business, SenraSenses, is all about learning to be in touch with the senses, Jillian works in conjunction with crystals and aromatherapy.

Jillian is a lover of life. She enjoys new adventures and time spent with her two sons. She also enjoys yoga, learning about Ayurveda, boot camp and groove dance! She looks forward to travelling to Bali for her 50th birthday, and having her own space one day to express her artistic side. She loves being creative and making her Moon catchers, mobiles and talking sticks. She wishes people smiled more and frowned less. Life is beautiful and we must be thankful every day!