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Kundalini Yoga with Sean
Weekly Classes
This is a system that incorporates breath management (pranayama), postures (asana) and meditation with and without mantra (chanting). It is designed to allow the practitioner to discover their potential for excellence and develop awareness of Self. All Kundalini Yoga classes at Vidalia Yoga include a period of relaxation guided by the healing sound of the gong.
The gong is an inter-vibratory tool used to heal the nervous system and develop the Inner Self. The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation, releases you from the torrent of thoughts and stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.

Kundalini Meditation & Gong with Sean
Weekly Class
Discover ancient yogic techniques used to calm the mind and body by chanting mantras, breathing consciously and experiencing relaxation guided by the healing sounds of the gong.

"Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path"

Kundalini Sadhana with Sean - RSVP
Sadhana is a Kundalini Yoga practice that starts during the ambrosial hours (4am to 8am) and involves reading the Japji Sahib, practicing Kundalini Yoga and includes an hour of meditation with mantra.


Yoga Montreal Viniyoga

Viniyoga with Aditi
4 week 'Intro' series from Jan 10 - Jan 31

$88 for course series

The viniyoga method is a customized approach to yoga that puts the student first. This session will help you adapt traditional and modern yoga practices to fit your goals, needs and limits. Breath work will engage your body and mind through a series of static, dynamic, and flow movements that work to improve flexibility, focus, stamina and strength. This class is effective on its own, but is just as good before or after any work out of your choice!

restorative yoga montreal

Restorative Yoga with Rachelle (Bilingual)
4 week series from Jan 11 - Feb 1
$88 for course series

A gentle and relaxing class designed to help you unwind fully. The poses explored here are mindfully curated to destress and rejuvenate. Props will be used to support you in every way so you can let go completely.

Rachelle Vinyasa Montreal

Vinyasa Flow with Rachelle (Bilingual)
Weekly Classes - Saturday @8:30am, Monday & Wednesday @HighNoon

An all levels class that will get you moving. Focusing on connecting mindful breathing with movement, along with a side of alignment and fun sequences, you will walk out feeling energized and empowered.






yin yoga montreal

Yin Yoga (Gentle) with Esther
4 week series from Jan 9 - Jan 30
$88 for course series

You will be pleasantly surprised by how engaging it is to move slowly. This is a gentle slower-paced class with tender movements in between held postures to loosen the body and encourage stillness of mind. The poses in this class help to let go of long-held tensions that manifest both mentally and physically. Sequencing will encourage inward focus and continued attention to the breath will be encouraged. Through simple, easy to adapt stretches we will open the body in a non-aggressive way. Modifications will be offered so participants can make this class what they need it to be. Suitable for all people of all levels and great for people with injuries, recovering from injuries, insomnia, anxiety or just in need of a little extra attention.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Esther
Begins Jan 7 - Weekly Class

Experience a balanced class of intelligent, alignment-based movement that is equally engaging as it is introspective. Vinyasa is guided by the breath. Moving at your own pace will be encouraged. Through a well-designed warm up we get the body fully ready for flow. By the time you are standing you will feel euphoric. Strengthening postures enhance mobility and coordination, all while nurturing a steady breath. This practice enhances your balance, presence of mind and sensory awareness. All of the movements are sequenced to get you to a peak pose and safely cool you off to the seated postures. Expect to sweat. Expect a great playlist. This class is suitable for all-levels.

Kundalini Yoga Montreal NDG

Intro to Kundalini Yoga with Alice
4 week series from Feb 3 - Feb 24
$88 for course series

Participants in this series of 4 classes will be introduced to the basics of Kundalini Yoga. Each class combines a thematic sequence of exercises, conscious breath, meditation, chanting of mantras and relaxation that help us unveil our true potential while enhancing our health, flexibility and creativity.

Treat yourself to this unique experience for more harmony, joy and energy in your life.

Aditi Prenatal Yoga Montreal

Prenatal Yoga with Aditi
6 week series from Jan 8 - Feb 12

$132 for full session ($25 for drop-in)

This course will prepare you and your growing baby for a healthy pregnancy. With a focus on breathing and stretching, we will work through a gentle yet effective practice to improve flexibility, stability, strength and comfort of both the mind and body.

Each pregnancy is different, and Aditi will guide you through a session that is best suited to you. Write in to let her know a little about yourself, the stage of pregnancy you are at, and any physical or medical concerns that she can factor in to ensure that you receive the most from each session. All women who are over two months’ pregnant are welcome to join in this class!


Postnatal Yoga with Aditi - Start date to be announced
This course will help you get to know the scope your post-pregnancy body through a yoga session. We will work through movements to heal your body and leave you feeling refreshed at the end of each session. The focus of this six-week package is to improve flexibility and strength, preparing you with stretches for the week ahead.

All new mamas (6 weeks post-delivery) are welcome to join in this class!


Kundalini Yoga Montreal NDG

Sean Christopher D'Amico is the founder of Vidalia Yoga and a Level 1 & 2 Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor with 500 hrs of training who joined the Aquarian Trainer Academy in January 2018 as an Intern. He is delighted to have his internship mentored by Devinder Kaur of Pranashanti Yoga in Ottawa Ontario. Sean is a certified Zen Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage practitioner listed with the SNMQ association in Quebec.

Kundalini Yoga was essential for Sean during his career as a management professional as it allowed him to deliver exceptional performance, embrace transition and foster harmonious team synergy. Having been a varsity and semi-professional athlete, he still enjoys participating in competitive sports and leading an active lifestyle while enjoying the transformative benefits Kundalini Yoga offers both at work and at play. As an actor, Sean has found the integration of Kundalini Yoga's breath work, relaxation, focus and awareness to be highly beneficial in preparation for an audition and a role.

Sean serves the Montreal community by volunteering at the Mission Bon Accueil on a regular basis. He invites you to be uncomfortable, trust the process and trust the unknown.

Sean's International Kundalini Teachers Association Profile can be viewed here:

Sat Nam

Prenatal Yoga Montreal NDG

Aditi began her yoga journey at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (Chennai, India) in 2005. Since then, she has been learning yoga theory and techniques at Vinieyoga Healing Centre (Chennai, India). She is a certified yoga teacher from India who has taught in the United States and recently made Montreal her home. She enjoys personalizing yoga sessions for diverse age groups, lifestyles, and experience levels. She conducts both individual and groups sessions. Some of her favourite students are over 70, and she believes that it’s never too late to make yoga a part of your life!

Yoga Montreal NDG

Rachelle is a proud Canadian of Filipino descent, born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and became a certified teacher in 2018 at Island Yoga, in Aruba.

Always with a smile on her face, her goal is to unite people of all ages, all walks of life and especially of all colour and body types, through this beautiful practice. She strives to create an environment where diversity is the norm and where everyone present can find a community to grow with and feel included, free of judgment. She believes that yoga is a beautiful way to merge the body, mind and spirit together and strongly believes that that’s what the world needs right now. More inner healing to heal the outer.


Yoga NDG Montreal
Esther has always had a passion for helping people and she worked as a nutrition consultant in gyms before she found yoga, but did not see people changing patterns of behaviour through dietary modifications. With yoga, she immediately saw people reshaping their entire lives, just as she was reshaping hers. She notes that yoga seems to work through people slightly differently and changes the person practicing it either a little or a lot so that basically you get out of it what you put in. And for this she does not treat yoga as a light science of just asanas but more like a divine kind of alchemy. 

She is a warm and compassionate teacher who is able to weave important eastern philosophical concepts into playful and succinct instructions aimed at western ears....she puts great emphasis to finding and selecting eclectic music that matches the individually created flow of her classes. She moved to Montreal last November and is excited to join the yoga community of Montreal. 
Kundalini Yoga Montreal NDG

Alice is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor by Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). Having practised different kinds of yoga and Buddhist meditation for many years, she discovered Kundalini Yoga and meditation in 2007, and since then, she has been practising and seeking to learn deeper the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. She completed her Level I training in 2015. The transformative experience of Kundalini yoga strongly influences all aspects of her life, helping her to recognize her strengths, to face her weaknesses and to open her heart to fully experience this precious pathway that life is. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is for Alice an opportunity to share her passion for the practice and to commit to working constantly on her own growth so she can serve and inspire students to seek the best in themselves and live their own truth.



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